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Project management of innovation and design driven product and brand extensions, as well as planning and facilitation of creative resources and stakeholders.

My area of expertise is interdisciplinary design management, the cross-functional development of product, design and creative strategies as well as the alignment of brand and product aesthetics and their continuous challenge to changing markets. 

Product Owner / Project Manager


Organization and scaling of creative resources


Design competence, process and network management


Creative Process Controlling / Design in Value Analysis


Design Thinking


Pitch Consulting 


Design Research (Trend Research / Customer Centricity)

Innovation Management / Design Management


​Design Strategy*

*Efficiency and pace of an intertwined trend, design and market strategy are key to successful, brand-oriented product development and accelerated success. Design strategy involves the integration of design, marketing, development and production to strategically conceive products according to target group-oriented requirements. It is a decisive success factor for the achievement of entrepreneurial goals.


Design Strategy is therefore not just a task for creatives, but within the framework of corporate strategy. For this reason, it is logical to closely link the work of designers and managers.

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