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Unfolding and elaborating relevant content, as well as transforming business ideas into desirable investment options.

This workshop addresses A. Early-Stage, B. Expansion Stage Startups in order to target clarity and efficiency in their alignment of brand, product and communication.

Further, it begins to extradite relevant content for future communication media to achieve investments, strategic partnerships or

research collaborations.


Co-branding, influencer marketing, a limited edition or an attack on an enduring lifecycle management strategy?

We will focus on

enhanced value by flowing interaction between

contemporary creative measures.

Intertwined trend-, design- and market strategy are key to coherent brand - product performance for accelerated success in agile markets. 

This workshop will render your options and lay the foundation for a charged product strategy. 


Brand focused product development - is addressed to companies or products with suspected unexploited potential.

Especially "sleepers" who have been business active B2B or as suppliers so far. But with their expertise, patents or manufacturing capacities are for the first time considering to market their own consumer products, due to the digital democratisation of marketing

and sales.

Let us check your options.


Alignment is perceived quality.


Subject is the monitoring and enhancing of digital and analog brand-, pos-, packaging- and product design for 

overall coherence.


This workshop is not about a template, but about reconsidering the history and optimising

the future. 

Holistic knowledge about the various design disciplines involved

is mandatory.

Be prepared for an

outspoken discourse. 

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